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Note: This is a branch of the Vampire page. Any pics I find on this subject will be found in the vampire gallery.

Dhampire is the name of children of a vampire-human relationship. The names and characteristics of the dhampire changes from region to region. Dhampire is the common name for these creatures but Gypsy groups also called them Vampire(if male), Vampuiera(if female), Vampijerovic, and Lampijerovic. Some believed that the creature was always male; others believed that they were short-lived because of jelly-like bodies. They could not come from the family of an Orthodox or Muslim cleric, or in some cases like normal humans.
Dhampires are found in Serbia and elsewhere in parts of Yugoslavia. They are very efficient in detecting and destroying their vampiric families, thus making a comfortable living as vampire hunters. They are said to be the only creatures that can see the Serbia vampires(they are invisable). They perform bizzare rituals- whistling, running about, undressing, and using shirtsleeves as a type of telescope. After wrestling with a foe(many incvisable), the dhampire declares the vampire dead and collects his large fee. The last documented dhampire ceremony was in 1959 in the Yugoslovian province of Kosovo.